Member for Hill

Shane Knuth MP

Shane Knuth has been honoured to serve the constituents of rural and regional Queensland since 2004.

He’s achieved major wins fighting to shift focus away from the south-east to help return rural Queensland to its former glory.

Instead of acting as Brisbane’s representative in Hill, Shane is dedicated to being Hill’s representative in Parliament.


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Out & About

Take a look at the not-for-profit and community organisations within the Hill Electorate.

They are the ones who keep the local spirit thriving - the real stories behind the community.


Community Shows

Without the volunteers tireless hours the shows we've grown-up to love and enjoy for more than 100 years would not be possible.


Lions & Lioness

I recently attended numerous Lions & Lioness change over dinners. The positive impact on our communities from these volunteers is inspiring. 


Local Markets

We are truly blessed with the variety of markets in the Hill Electorate! Many volunteer hours go into organising to ensure a successful day.






& Projects

Learn about the achievements and current projects Shane has fought for with the community.

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What does a State MP do?

It is easy to confuse Federal, State and Local levels of Government and understanding which issues are covered by which level.

To make it easier, we have created the sections below, along with further information about Queensland State and useful links to forms and applications to help  send you in the right direction according to your needs.

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Levels of Government

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