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There is one way to tell the strength of a community - and it's through the sheer determination and pride in the not-for-profit and the community organisations coming together and keeping the local spirit and traditions alive. Thousands of volunteer hours go into producing the exceptional results many of the events, fundraisers and services locals enjoy year round, all with thanks to the volunteers acting as the glue - not only holding the community together - but helping it thrive too.

Take a look at what is happening across the electorate - the real stories within the communities

Show Societies

All locals in the region know what June and July means - Showtime! For most of us it just seems like it comes and goes fast, easily out of mind until next year. Not so for the hundreds of organisers behind the scenes. The show societies - Malanda, Atherton, Innisfail and Tully - all work tirelessly throughout the year to make sure the big event is as fantastic and entertaining as possible, while holding the traditions of our area strong, like the thousands of volunteers before them.

Most of the shows in the Hill Electorate have been running 100 years or more. One aspect of our rural shows vs the big city ones is the agricultural competitions and sections. Agriculture was one of the main reasons country shows began, it's wonderful to see even though shows are largely appreciated for the rides and sideshow alley games - the agricultural aspect is still strong. The displays and community competitions are fantastic traditional features too - the best cake, scones, best home grown produce, photograph, sewing, childrens competitions, school entries as a whole - it's really quite remarkable how much work the entire community contributes to one big show. 

I visited Malanda, Atherton, Innisfail and Tully shows this year, and I can honestly say the effort and hard work of the many volunteers running these show societies takes my breath away with every show, every year, and this year was no exception! Well done.


Lions and Lioness Club Transitions

I recently attended many Lions and Lioness Club changeover dinners and meetings throughout the Hill Electorate. I personally was a Lions member before becoming a Member of Parliament, so I know first hand the dedication these clubs have and the positive impact they have on our communities. 

There are so many wonderful people in our communities volunteering their time through Lions & Lioness Clubs and making a profound difference. 

Lions Australia has a proud history of achievement in Disaster and Emergency Relief, Medical Research and Community Service. They are at the coalface for Cyclone Tracy, the Black Saturday bushfires and the Queensland floods.

They were involved with the development of the bionic ear and the cervical cancer vaccine Gardisil, developed by Prof Ian Frazer AC, a former Lions Medical Research Foundation Fellow. They also inspired a young Fred Hollows and continue to provide funding for a range of other research initiatives involving diabetes and autism.

They assist with local community fundraising for special causes and help with development and building of local parks, community venues and sporting centres.

We Serve is their motto!

- lionsclubs.org.au


Community Markets

We don't lack for variety in this great region! Especially when it comes to markets. Almost every week I make it to a market within the Hill Electorate and it's something I really look forward to. 

From art and craft, fruit and veg, bric-a-brac, buskers, great food and more I don't think I'll ever tire of perusing the great market stalls. It's a great way to meet locals and try out what the town has to offer.

Of course having the pleasure to visit these markets is all thanks to the workers who help co-ordinate and organise them. It's an endless job and I for one am thankful and proud of the organisers of every one of the markets within the Hill Electorate. Keep up the good work!