Can Shane Knuth MP help with my issue?

Is the issue related to any of the following? 

  • Telstra
  • Centrelink
  • Medicare
  • MyGov
  • My Health
  • Immigration
  • Visas
  • Internet and Phone (communications)

These are Federal issues. The Hill State Electorate is within the Kennedy Federal Electorate, represented by Hon Bob Katter MP. For help in any of these issues, please contact the Innisfail Office on  P: (07) 4061 6066 | F: (07) 4061 6566 | Visit: Cnr Edith and Owen St | Post: PO Box 1638, Innisfail, Qld 4860.

Is the issue related to any of the following?

  • Rates
  • Waste / Rubbish / Recycle
  • Neighborhood Disturbances
  • Pet Registrations
  • Building Permits
  • Council Roads
  • Gutters and Drains

These issues are local council issues and can be handled by your local council. There are four councils within the Hill Electorate, Tablelands Regional Council (click here), Cassowary Coast Council (click here), Cairns City Council (click here), and Mareeba Shire Council (click here).

Not sure what council you're in? Click here for a list of towns to find yours.

Is your issue relating to the following?

  • Health
  • Roads & Transport (not all roads are covered by state, some are federal and some are council)
  • Education
  • Mining & Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Police
  • Prisons
  •  Emergency Services
  •  Community Services
  • Electricity Connections, Malfunctions and Costs

These issues are covered by State, which means Shane Knuth MP may be able to help you. Your next step is to contact the Hill Electorate Office, for details click here.

Do you have an issue not covered here? Please contact the Hill Electorate Office so we can help direct you on in the best direction according to your issue - contact us.

Meeting with Shane Knuth MP

If you would like to arrange a meeting with Shane there are a few steps to take. 

First, fill out a contact form here.

Second, provide as much information as possible on the purpose of the meeting. The more detail the better as it helps us organise any necessary preparations needed prior to the meeting.

I'm looking for a form

If you're after a form we have provided a quick reference page with popular forms to help your search. 

Click here to find yours.

You may also find our page with useful links helpful Click here.

I'd like to invite Shane Knuth MP to an event

Shane loves spending time in the electorate and attending events and tries to make it to as many as possible (time permitting).

If you would like to send him an invitation please fill out the contact form here.